Transneft Baltic Specialists Analyse Over 2 Thousand Environmental Samples in Q1

Transneft Baltic has summed up environmental control performance for Q1. During this period, as part of environmental monitoring, 2,591 samples were analysed at the company's facilities located in Leningrad, Novgorod, Pskov, Smolensk, Tver and Yaroslavl Regions. The analysis of the samples confirmed that the environmental impact indicators do not exceed the normative values.

Transneft Baltic Sums Up Implementation of Energy Saving Programme in Q1

Transneft Baltic has summed up the results of implementing the Energy Saving and Efficiency Improvement Programme in Q1 2020.

In the reporting period, the effect in monetary terms amounted to RUB 3.7 million, whose major part (RUB 3.4 million) was due to electrical energy saving during transportation of oil and petroleum products