Transneft Baltic Hands Over New Firehouse to Firefighters in Yaroslavl Region to Ensure Operating Facility Protection

Date of publication: 02 September 2021

Transneft Baltic has handed over to the Federal State-Financed Institution Federal Fire Fighting Service Initial Pumping Station Team No. 3 in Yaroslavl Region a new firehouse built at the company expense, which will ensure a high level of protection for the company's facilities located in Yaroslavl Region.

The new depot is located in close proximity to the main operating facilities of the Yaroslavl Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate (RPD). It will house fire guard units that ensure the safety of the Yaroslavl line operation dispatcher station (LODS), the utility vehicle and special-purpose machinery department, the central maintenance division, the central warehouse, the chemical laboratory and the production service shop of the Yaroslavl RPD.

In addition, the crew on duty of the depot of fire rescue station No. 11 of the Federal State-Financed Institution Federal Fire Fighting Service Initial Pumping Station Team No. 3 in Yaroslavl Region (contractual) will be involved to ensure fire safety in nearby settlements according to the plan for involving the forces and means of the Yaroslavl fire guard garrison.

A building with an area of almost 4,500 m2 was built under the Transneft’s technical upgrading, revamping and overhaul programme. The cost of the construction was RUB 185 million, and another RUB 4.6 million was spent on the purchase of new fire-fighting equipment.

The firehouse was built taking into account modern standards that ensure a high level of comfort and quality of working conditions for fire guard employees. The building is designed to house 69 personnel of fire rescue station No. 11; guardrooms, a break room, a sanitary block with showers, a place to eat and a sports gym are equipped. A ventilation and air conditioning system was installed.

In order to respond promptly to emergencies, the firehouse's control room is equipped with automated workstations for the fire extinguishing system, automatic fire alarm systems and fire alert and evacuation management systems for all protected facilities of the Yaroslavl LODS of the Yaroslavl RPD. The depot will be able to accommodate 4 firefighting vehicles and a foam trailer. Technical devices for removing exhaust gases from firefighting vehicles were installed in the indoor parking space.

Acting Head of the Main Directorate of EMERCOM of Russia in Yaroslavl Region, General-Major of the Internal Service Alexey Rokhlin noted the high contribution of Transneft Baltic and the Yaroslavl Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate in providing fire protection not only for their operating facilities, but also to the residents of the region.

Deputy Chairman of the Government of Yaroslavl Region Roman Kolesov highly appreciated the constructive interaction between Transneft Baltic and the region's leadership in implementing socio-economic issues. "The transfer of this firehouse is a milestone confirmation that Transneft Baltic is a socially responsible company and develops projects needed by the residents of Yaroslavl Region," he said.

Transneft Baltic pays special attention to fire safety at its facilities and spares no effort or expense to continually modernise and upgrade them. Two years ago, we built a firehouse in Yaroslavl Region, where the team No. 3 is also based. We continue firehouse project implementation at the Palkino oil pumping station. We will not stop at the indicators achieved today in terms of equipping the facilities and will only move forward," said Yevgeny Inzhevatov, Deputy Director General for Operation at Transneft Baltic.

Ensuring uninterrupted and emergency-free operation of Transneft Baltic production infrastructure and preventing fire-related emergencies is one of the priorities in the company’s work. All facilities are equipped with modern automatic fire extinguishing systems and are protected by contracted fire guard units. In addition, the company has formed a volunteer fire brigade with a total of 370 members.