Transneft Baltic Connects More than 27 km of Yaroslavl – Kirishi-1 Pipeline Sections as Part of Revamping

Date of publication: 30 September 2020

Transneft Baltic has completed scheduled works at operating facilities in Yaroslavl, Novgorod and Leningrad Regions.

During the planned 65-hour shutdown of oil transportation via the Yaroslavl – Kirishi-1 oil trunk pipeline (OTP), specialists connected 3 oil pipeline sections, built as part of the revamping, with the total length of more than 27 km. The works were carried out in the area of responsibility of the Yaroslavl and Leningrad Regional Oil Pipeline Directorates (RPD), employees of the Novgorod RPD were also involved. The goal was to maintain the equipment in standard condition and ensure a high level of its industrial and environmental safety.

At the Bykovo YaRPD line operation dispatcher station, mainline pump unit No. 1 was replaced. A new unit manufactured by Transneft Oil Pumps was installed, which is characterised by increased efficiency in comparison with the previous equipment.

In addition, the repair of stop valves was carried out at the Kirishi custody transfer point of the Leningrad RPD.

The scheduled works involved 180 employees of Transneft Baltic, 40 pieces of equipment were used. The works were completed as part of the technical upgrading, revamping and overhaul programme as well as the repair and operational needs programme.

After completion of the scheduled works, the Yaroslavl – Kirishi-1 OTP is operating under the standard protocol, oil transportation is carried out as per schedule.