Transneft Baltic Releases Almost 4,000 Sterlet Juveniles into Uglich Reservoir

Date of publication: 21 July 2020

Specialists of Transneft Baltic have released almost 4,000 sterlet juveniles into Uglich Reservoir in Yaroslavl Region.

The event on artificial reproduction of aquatic biological resources was attended by representatives of the Russian Federal Agency for Fishery, who confirmed satisfactory condition of the juveniles.

The release of the juveniles was carried out as part of the corporate Programme for Biodiversity Conservation in the Areas near Transneft’s Facilities for 2019-2021.

The priority areas of the environmental activities of Transneft Baltic are industrial environmental control, control over compliance with the requirements of legislation in the field of environmental protection and sustainable nature management, development of regulatory documentation, control over the operability of environmental equipment, environmental analysis control.

For reference:

Sterlets belong to the sturgeon family; it is a commercially valuable species listed in the Red Book of Russia.

In 2019, Transneft Baltic allocated RUB 1.481 million for implementation of measures for artificial reproduction of aquatic biological resources. More than 31,000 whitefish juveniles, 1,200 sterlet juveniles and almost 126,000 pike larvae were released into reservoirs of Leningrad, Yaroslavl and Novgorod Regions.