Transneft Baltic Saves Over RUB 7 Million Due to Energy Saving in 1H 2020

Date of publication: 20 July 2020

Transneft Baltic has summed up the results of implementing its Energy Saving and Efficiency Enhancement Programme in 1H 2020.

In the reporting period, the effect in monetary terms amounted to RUB 7.36 million, whose major part (RUB 6.8 million) was due to electrical energy saving in transportation of oil and petroleum products.

Such electrical energy savings are achieved by oil pumping process protocols optimisation. This can be achieved by reducing irregularity of pumping at each process section, levelling workload of parallel sections of trunk pipelines pumping oil of similar quality, as well as improving the set of installed rotors of main pump units of various standard sizes in accordance with changing throughput volumes (cargo flows).

In the first half of 2020, in order to optimise pumping protocols and ensure energy efficient operation of equipment, 14 mainline pump rotors were replaced.

Great attention is paid to rational use of fuel and energy resources when implementing the energy saving and energy efficiency enhancement programme of Transneft Baltic. In order to increase energy saving in production of thermal energy, repairs of heating networks with the use of new thermal insulation materials are carried out, and automatic control systems of temperature modes for individual heat supply stations at operating facilities are installed. For example, additional savings are provided for by the patented innovative system for regulating the parametres of the heat-transfer material at the source of heat supply depending on the indoor air temperature, introduced in 2017 at the Sestroretskaya oil pumping station.

In general, these measures have a positive impact on the environment. Thermal insulation materials with a low heat transfer coefficient significantly reduce both heating costs and greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

Use of the GLONASS/GPS system to optimise transportation routes and improve transport discipline also contributes to cost reduction, which leads to fuel savings for Transneft Baltic motor transport.