Transneft Baltic Replaces Rotors of Pump Units at Sestrorestskaya PS

Date of publication: 24 March 2020

Transneft Baltic has replaced the rotors at four mainline pump units at the Sestroretskaya oil pumping station (PS).

Mainline pump units are essential for transportation of oil and petroleum products. Replaceable rotors ensure that the mainline pumps operate in the preferred feed range.

The measures were taken to optimise the pumping modes of the Palkino – Primorsk oil trunk pipeline (OTP) and to improve energy efficiency. Rotors with the nominal supply of 8,750 m3/h were replaced with rotors with the supply of 7,000 m3/h.

The work was carried out with the involvement of the repair personnel of the Nevskaya production service shop (the Leningrad RPD) as part of Transneft Baltic`s repair and operational needs programme.