Transneft Baltic Conducts Drills on Elimination of Simulated Fire at Tank Farm

Date of publication: 20 March 2020


At the Yaroslavl line operation dispatcher station (LODS) of the Yarslavl Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate (YaRPD), Transneft Baltic has conducted firefighting and tactical drills with the participation of representatives of the EMERCOM of Russia, employees of the 3 Federal Fire Fighting Service Team (3 FFFST) of the Federal Fire Fighting Service (FFFS) in Yaroslavl Region contractual team and the Yaroslavl Territorial Fire and Rescue Garrison.

The drills were carried out in accordance with the Schedule for Conducting Firefighting and Tactical Drills at the Facilities Protected by Federal State-Funded Institutions of the EMERCOM of Russia, which had been approved by Transneft and the EMERCOM of Russia.

According to the drill’s scenario, as a result of a lightning strike into VFRT-20000 tank No. 10, the roof partially broke off, foam dischargers (which supply foam into the floating roof gap) and the tank cooling system failed.

As part of the drills, measures to contain a simulated fire after the arrival of the first contractual team and to eliminate it using the forces and means of the territorial fire-rescue garrison, were successfully drilled. As part of F&TD, employees and divisions of the Yaroslavl LODS mobilised its personnel and auxiliary equipment, evacuated personnel not involved in the drills and provided measures for establishment of security posts.

Divisions of the Yaroslavl LODS disconnected facilities from their power supply sources, prepared a work permit for extinguishing the fire and ensured uninterrupted operation of fire extinguishing pumps. The firefighting divisions polished the skills of combat deployment with laying hose lines and branching and shooting water cannons to cool the “burning” tank, as well as installing fire tank vehicles at equipment connection points for supplying low-expansion foam under the oil layer. An firefighting foam tower truck was installed with the supply of foam to the oil layer from a foam cannon with a productivity of 100 l/s.

As a result of the drills, the personnel of the guard duty of the fire and rescue stations studied the operational and tactical features of the site, the fire hazard of the facilities to be protected, the condition and characteristics of the fire water supply, the stationary fire extinguishing means and the fire warning devices. The personnel polished the pre-agreed measures as part of the fire-rescue teams of 3 FFFST of FFFS in Yaroslavl Region (contractual) and the forces of the territorial fire guard garrison; the tactical knowledge and practical skills of the firefighting deployment divisions’ management personnel were improved. Working on the methods for interaction between forces and means of the fire guard units and technical services of the Yaroslavl LODS, as well as polishing practical fire fighting methods and techniques, is decisive in successful fire fighting.

“The result of these drills is that the simulated fire was extinguished in the shortest possible time with minimum costs. The measures taken by YaRPD employees, the Main Directorate of the EMERCOM of Russia, contractual teams and teams of the territorial garrison received the “good” grade,” commented Sergey Borkovsky, Head of the Fire Fighting and Emergency Rescue Division (territorial garrison) of the Main Directorate of the EMERCOM of Russia in Yaroslavl Region.

The drills involved 19 pieces of equipment and 65 people.