Fire Standpipe with Increased Throughput Capacity Patented

Date of publication: 16 March 2020

Utility patent No. 196413 for the “Fire Standpipe” has been received by Transneft Baltic and Transneft.

Fire standpipes are used to open (close) underground fire hydrants and attach fire hoses for water intake from water supply networks for firefighting needs.

The throughput capacity of existing fire standpipes does not allow for the operation of modern firefighting vehicles supplied to the facilities of Transneft Baltic in nominal modes. Such firefighting vehicles include, for example, vehicles ATs 5.0-100, ATs 7.0-150 and PPP-32 with the capacity of 100 liters per second.

Due to the new operational necessity, Transneft Baltic developed the fire standpipe with increased throughput capacity.

The introduction of this fire standpipe will allow the operation of fire trucks with high performance and at full capacity, as well as reduce labour costs and time for the preparation and implementation of fire-fighting operations.