Transneft Baltic Commissions Oil Blending System

Date of publication: 29 November 2018 Print

Transneft Baltic has commissioned a new automated oil blending system (OBS) at Yaroslavl line operation dispatcher station (LODS) of Yaroslavl Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate (RPD). The oil blending system has been put into operation at Yaroslavl LODS as part of the technical upgrading, revamping and overhaul programme (TUR&OH) implemented by Transneft Baltic.

The system is intended for automated blending of various oil grades through manageable, pre-measured and gradual bringing of oil quality parameters up to the standards set out in GOST R 51858 and by the Rational Oil Routing Scheme.

The automated oil blending system allows for more precise and quicker adjustment of the percentage ratios of the oil flows being blendedas well as for real-time monitoring of sulphur percentage according to the data from onstream Sulphur content analysers.

Having passed through the blending system and having achieved the required quality, oil is then transported via oil trunk pipelines to be subsequently exported or to refineries located in Russia.