Transneft Baltic, LLC, has summed up the results of the Year of Ecology

Date of publication: 09 January 2018 Print

Transneft Baltic has summed up the results of ecological activities in 2017, which was declared as the Year of Ecology in the Russian Federation and Transneft. In 2017 the company conducted a set of activities regarding nature protection, reducing negative impact on the environment, development of ecological educational activities, compensation of biological resources.

In spring large-scale voluntary cleanups were conducted at industrial facilities, in parks, in the territories of military memorials. More than a thousand people participated in the cleanups.

Landscaping campaigns were conducted in Ust-Luga rural settlement, in Neftyanik park in Yaroslavl, in Shimsky District of Novgorod Region, Centre for Assistance to Orphaned Children Kingisepp Resource Centre for Assistance to Family Arrangement in Leningrad Region and in Central Recreation and Entertainment Park named after Kirov in Saint Petersburg. Seedlings of fir, larch, thuja, juniper, cotoneaster were planted.

Works on artificial reproduction of aquatic biological resources with breeding and releasing young fish of valuable species in the amount of 11.3 pieces were conducted in June - October. 6.4 sterlet young fishes were released into Gorky reservoir, 799 bulltrout fishes were released into the river Ulmansenyoki (feeder of the river Svir), more than 4 thousand cisco young fishes were released into the river Syas. Costs for stocking with fish were equal to 432 thousand rubles.

As part of the activities on preservation of rare species of plants listed in the Red Book of Yaroslavl Region, more than 5,535 plants were transferred from the area of works on revamping of oil trunk pipeline to new places corresponding to natural conditions of vegetation. Specialists of Transneft Baltic transferred 375 plants of common spotted orchid, 132 plants of spotted orchis, 8 plants of early marsh orchid (orchid family), 5,020 plants of garden strawberry. Costs for the activity were equal to 441 thousand rubles. Methods of transfer, repatriation and rehabilitation of plants listed in the Red Book of Yaroslavl Region obtained positive feedback of Botanic Institute named after Komarov of Russian Academy of Sciences.

The enterprise’s ecologists conducted 11 open lessons devoted to the Year of Ecology in senior forms of secondary schools in the presence regions of Transneft Baltic. 

The enterprise published ecological booklets, instructions for compliance with the requirements of nature protection, organized information stands. Video reports and presentations devoted to ecological activities were made.

Photo contest “Protected Areas of Native Region” was conducted among the employees of Transneft Baltic. Children of the employees presented their works to the children drawing contest “Make the World More Beautiful”. According to the results of the contests, the winners were awarded with prizes and presents. The best works were placed at the exhibition.

In its activities Transneft Baltic is guided by compliance with high ecological standards, regulations and rules, securing safe operation of industrial facilities.