More than 10 thousand energy efficient lamps have been installed at the industrial facilities of Transneft Baltic, LLC

Date of publication: 27 December 2017 Print

Transneft Baltic summed up preliminary results of implementation of the programme of providing lighting systems of industrial facilities with energy-saving equipment this year.

In September - December 2017 more than 10 thousand lamps and lighting floodlights were replaced with LED ones at the facilities of Yaroslavl and Novgorod Regional Oil Pipeline Directorates (ROPD) and the Base of production and technical maintenance and equipment procurement.  Annual saving from implementing this measure is equal to 2,824 thousand kWh. Installation of LED lamps and floodlights at the facilities of Leningrad ROPD and Ust-Luga Oil Depot is planned to be finished in 2018.

Besides, overhaul of four electric motors of main pump units was performed at Bykovo and Pes line operation dispatcher stations of Yaroslavl ROPD, at PS-3 oil pump station of Novgorod ROPD as part of other activities regarding energy saving. As well, two electric motors of booster pump units were repaired at Yaroslavl and Kirishi pipe-end pump stations.  Overhaul of electric motors is conducted for increasing the efficiency coefficient and energy efficiency of the units. Setback heating mode is implemented at Ust-Luga oil depot for reducing expenses for boiler and furnace fuels.

All the performed activities as part of the energy saving programme of Transneft Baltic in 2017 correspond to the applicable laws, state energy saving and energy efficiency increasing programme.

According to the information of the Ministry of Energy of Russia, switch to energy efficient technologies in lighting is one of the most economically efficient ways of reducing costs for energy resources. For example, light efficiency of modern LED lamps is equal to more than 100 lm/W and their energy efficiency is 10 times more than energy efficiency of incandescent lamps and 2.5-3 times more than energy efficiency of luminescent lamps.