Transneft Baltic finished preparing its production facilities for autumn and winter operation

Date of publication: 06 September 2017 Print

Transneft Baltic finished a set of scheduled preparations of its production facilities for autumn and winter operation in 2017-2018.

The conclusions confirm readiness of 26 oil pump stations, 603 production, administration and amenity buildings, 747 building heating systems, 106 kilometres of heating networks, 70 tanks and 299 vessels, 1,000 valve units of pipeline linear portion (checked for on/off functions), 2,171 valve units at process pipelines.

The professionals also checked operability of the leakage detection systems, inspected some 3,615 kilometres of overhead transmission lines. Warning signs were revised at locations where the pipelines crossed railways and motorways. Apart from that, all production facilities of Transneft Baltic were fitted with fire-fighting equipment and fire safety appliances.

The checkpoints and observation stations at underwater crossings of oil and petroleum product trunk pipelines were provided with the required appliances and materials for elimination of emergencies. The prescribed stock of fuel and lubricants, propane and oxygen was created at linear emergency operation and maintenance divisions.

August saw trial runs of all 39 boiler houses, including maintenance and repairs of boilers, process side, automation, fuel systems.

A certificate confirming readiness of Transneft Baltic’s trunk pipeline facilities for steady autumn and winter operation was dispatched to Transneft.