Information from the security service

On the fraud related to falsification of delivery documents of Transneft Baltic, LLC


Transneft Baltic, LLC is currently receiving appeals of different foreign companies with requests to confirm authenticity of certain documents of Transneft Baltic, LLC. The specified documents were received by e-mail as scanned copies of delivery documents, quality certificates for oil products with a logo, details and seal of Transneft Baltic, LLC.

Analysis of the appeals and enclosed documents showed that the scanned copies have evident signs of falsification, do not correspond to the requirements and samples established and used by Transneft Baltic, LLC. The persons specified in these questionable documents are not related to Transneft, JSC and its subsidiaries. The forged documents were sent from e-mails pipeline@baltic-transneft.ru and bps@baltic-transneft.ru.

Please note that official communication of Transneft Baltic, LLC is performed using e-mails with suffix @spb.transneft.ru. Official website: www.baltneft.transneft.ru

Transneft Baltic, LLC hereby declares that it is not related to e-mails sent from any addresses except for the official ones.

It is obvious, that the domain, similar to the official one, was created for the purpose of development of a fraudulent activity system using the brand of Transneft.

Transneft Baltic, LLC filed a request to law-enforcement authorities of Russia to take necessary measures on suppression of illegal activities with using a name of a state oil pipeline company.